Team YasCo

Hitchhikers from Brussels (02/07)

Tapas en cervezas betalen zichzelf niet ! H€lp on$ naar $panj€ r€iz€n Tapas and Cervezas don't pay themselves! Pl€as€ h€lp us to trav€l to Spain <3 mucho besos xoxoxo


24y, Kotten


23y, Gent


What are your personal assets in your team?

Corrina:My everlasting smile and positive thinking

Yasmina:I got the ultimate chill attitude

And your weaknesses?

Corrina:I don't like standing outside waiting for a ride for too long because I get sunburned easily.

Yasmina:I can be too chill

By whom would you want to be picked up?

Corrina:Anyone really, I'm not picky

Yasmina:some hot guys hehe

What would be the destinations of your world trip if you win?

Corrina:New-Zealand I think. But it would be hard to pick. There are so many nice places on this planet.

Yasmina:Chile - Iquique, Japan-Tokyo, Italy-Rome


Challenge #1
0 min. [?]

Challenge #2
0 min. [?]

Challenge #3
0 min. [?]

Challenge #4
0 min. [?]

Challenge #5
10 min. [?]


  • 02/07: 11:25 (54th)
  • 03/07: (?)
  • 04/07: 11:50 (59th)
  • 05/07: 10:30 (51st)
  • 06/07: 08:53 (54th)

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