La route de la Route

Hitchhikers from Amsterdam (01/07)


23y, Eindhoven


23y, Utrecht


What are your personal assets in your team?

Mirl:Mirl vindt altijd binnen 3 vragen een common ground met iemand.

Judith:have to hand in my thesis, one day before the race starts.. so I guess being tranquilo.

And your weaknesses?


Judith:I will have a hangeover on the day the race starts.

By whom would you want to be picked up?

Mirl:Paul in de “La Route” spelersbus

Judith:By someone with a cute face and an interesting (life)story, preferably in a cabriolet.

What would be the destinations of your world trip if you win?

Mirl:De reis begint in Argentinie (Patagonie), langsaam trekken we naar het noorden om uiteindlijk vanuit Lima richting NieuwZeeland te vliegen.

Judith:I really want to travel to the highlands of Albania in a campervan. I am also saving for a trip to Patagonia.


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Challenge #2
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Challenge #3
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Challenge #4
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Challenge #5
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  • 02/07: 08:29 (34th)
  • 03/07: 06:15 (18th)
  • 04/07: 08:30 (35th)
  • 05/07: 08:18 (32nd)
  • 06/07: 08:50 (52nd)

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