Safari Squad

Hitchhikers from Amsterdam (01/07)

From the savannah to Barcelona, we will get there!


22y, Hoogeveen


21y, Beuningen


What are your personal assets in your team?

Lysanne:I like to describe myself as an enthusiastic and tactical player

Nora:happy and adventurous :)

And your weaknesses?

Lysanne:I have never hitchhiked before and do not speak any French or Spanish! So that will be a challenge

Nora:Hitchhiking newbie!

By whom would you want to be picked up?

Lysanne:A Zac Efron look-a-like would be great

Nora:Would be nice if Kjeld Nuis could pick us up!

What would be the destinations of your world trip if you win?

Lysanne:definitely New Zealand!

Nora:New Zealand!!!!


Challenge #1
10 min. [?]

Challenge #2
20 min. [?]

Challenge #3
0 min. [?]

Challenge #4
0 min. [?]

Challenge #5
30 min. [?]


  • 02/07: 09:53 (45th)
  • 03/07: 09:12 (53rd)
  • 04/07: 08:13 (31st)
  • 05/07: 06:13 (10th)
  • 06/07: 07:30 (44th)

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