Bintang Girls

Hitchhikers from Amsterdam (03/07)

0 min advantage (?)


23y, Bergen


22y, Vriezenveen


What are your personal assets in your team?

Alba:I'm very outgoing and friendly, so it will be easy for me to go up to strangers and ask for a ride! I'm also really good at looking like I need help and people usually do

Aronne:If i go for something i'm going to 100%

By whom would you want to be picked up?

Alba:A lovely family would be nice, or local people who like to chat and share their stories :)

Aronne:Everybody, if he/she brings us further so that we can win????

What would be the destinations of your world trip if you win?

Alba:I would literally go everywhere. I'm currently dying to go to Africa and India and Nepal, so those would be priorities!

Aronne:I want to discover the whole world but if we win i would love to start in africa than nepal, india, australia, new zealand and that i will see!

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